Washed Uniforms at Laundry Services Bunbury

Where Can I Get My Businesses Uniforms Laundered in Bunbury?

Did you know, when seeing you for the first time, it takes just a few seconds for someone to form an opinion? This applies both personally and professionally hence the importance of your business creating a positive first impression to both customers and potential new employees. Whether your business operates by meeting clients offsite or you have business premises, one of the first things visible to others are your employees and what they are wearing. For this reason, it is recommended to have your businesses uniforms professionally laundered.  

Laundry Services Bunbury provides a reliable and efficient corporate laundering service with the knowledge, experience and equipment to provide laundry services to a range of clients in varying industries including corporate, commercial, industrial, hospitality and tourism. 

Read on to learn 5 reasons to have your businesses uniforms professionally laundered including:

  • All employees are presented the same
  • Increase employee morale
  • Maintain the quality
  • Professionally ironed
  • Uniforms are ready and on hand when required

All employees are presented the same

Having your businesses uniforms professionally laundered means all employees presentation will be equal. When employees uniforms are all presented the same, it makes them feel they are part of a team and increases team spirit which in turn can reduce the segregation between different departments or roles within a business.

Increase employee morale

Office workersNo late-night washing and early morning ironing of uniforms would be a dream come true for most employees. A business who professionally launders uniforms can make employees feel valued and appreciated. The higher the morale amongst your employees, the better everyone works as a team and the less staff turnover.

Maintain the quality

No matter the industry, different types of stains occur on work uniforms. A professional laundry service has the expertise and experience in removing stains from all types of fabrics. Having stains removed properly will maintain the quality of your businesses uniforms and can even reduce costs, as the better the uniforms quality is maintained, the less often they need to be replaced.

Professionally ironed

While ironing is a skill most of us teach ourselves, your employees standard of a properly ironed uniform may not be the same as yours. To ensure items are ironed correctly it is not only the technique that is important, but the quality, size and type of iron being used. Part of having work uniforms professionally laundered is them being ironed (or also known as pressed). The uniforms will be folded or hung after being ironed to maintain that crisp, freshly ironed look and feel. 

Uniforms are ready and on hand when required

Uniforms - Cleaned ready to pickupHaving your businesses work uniforms professionally laundered ensures they are ready and on hand when required. Many businesses may have a limited supply of uniforms that once an employee has worn, they are expected to wash and return ready for the next use. The delay in this occurring and the follow-up can be a waste of precious time. A professional laundry service can even pick up dirty uniforms and return them to your business washed and ironed, giving you more time to concentrate on other tasks at hand.

Have your work uniforms professionally laundered with Laundry Services Bunbury

Laundry Services Bunbury provides a reliable and efficient business laundering service. Our commercial washing machines are immaculately maintained, with optional cycles to wash delicate items. Laundry Services Bunbury operate an environmentally conscious laundry service with up to date systems to reduce water usage and ensure responsible disposal of waste.

Laundry Services Bunbury has been providing business laundry services at Washing Well Laundrette and Plaza Laundrette for many years and pride themselves on offering the best possible laundry services to the Bunbury community.

With a pick-up and delivery service available, call the team today to discuss your businesses laundry needs on 0427 506 508.