Colored clothes

5 Tips for Washing Coloured Clothes

If there is one chore that is inevitable it is laundry. Just as the washing basket is empty, it no sooner is full once again. The chore of doing your laundry is not only in the washing the clothes themselves, but the sorting before and folding and ironing after washing too.

When it comes to washing your clothes, there is an array of recommendations. Whether washing white, dark or coloured clothes, following these recommendations helps to protect your clothing, helping them last for longer.

If not washed correctly, coloured clothing can fade and lose their colour. Wanting some tips on washing coloured clothes? Read below to learn 5 tips to follow including:

  • Read clothes labels
  • Sort and wash clothes by colour
  • Treat stains before washing
  • Don’t overfill your washing machine
  • Use the correct water temperature and products for coloured clothes

Read clothes labels

Before doing laundry, its important to read clothing labels. Delicate items may not be suitable to wash in a machine and need to be hand washed. New coloured clothes may need to be handwashed before wearing to avoid colours running when washed with other items.

Sort and wash clothes by colour

To avoid colours running, sort clothing by colour before washing. Whites and lighter colours can be washed together, dark colours washed together and colours washed together. If you have a large amount of coloured clothes to wash, further separate these colours into similiar groups. For examples bright colours such as yellow and oranges can be washed together.

Treat stains before washing

Before washing, check clothes for stains. Some stains, if not removed before washing, will be near impossible to remove once washed. Stains may need to be soaked in cold water or sprayed with a stain remover prior to washing to ensure they are removed thoroughly and the colour of the clothing is maintained. 

Don’t overfill your washing machine

To help minimise the risk of colours running, don’t overfill your washing machine when washing coloured clothes. As soon as the washing cycle is finished, take coloured clothing out of the machine to help minimise the chance of colours running from one item to another.

Use the correct water temperature and products for coloured clothes

Depending on the item, washing coloured clothes in cold water can help clothes maintain their colour. There is an extensive range of laundry products available. Do your research and use a product that is recommended for colour clothing.

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