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Should I Wash Work Uniforms in Hot, Warm or Cold Water?

When it comes to washing clothes, there are often many tips and tricks passed down through the generations regarding how to get the best results. Is hand washing or machine-washing best? Do I or don’t I dry clothes in the dryer? Can I wash white clothing and coloured clothing together?

One of the most popular items of clothing we need to wash are work uniforms. Considering many of us spend more time in our work uniform than other clothing, you want to ensure you protect the quality and longevity of your work uniform. One way to do this, is by using the correct water temperature when washing.

While it’s important to read your work uniforms label for washing directions, read on to learn some tips regarding water temperature when washing your work uniform:

  • Hot Water
  • Warm Water
  • Cold Water

Hot Water

If your work uniform contains dirt, oil and is heavily soiled after your working day, a hot water wash may be best. Hot water is the most effective at removing both dirt and germs, however, ensure you read the clothing label. Some fabrics are not suitable for hot water as it can cause the fabric to shrink.

Warm Water

Many would say that warm water is best for washing clothes in. Warm water is effective to remove everyday dirt that accumulates on work uniforms although if your uniform is heavily soiled or stained, you may consider soaking before washing.  

Cold Water

Cold water is generally used to help coloured clothing keep their colour. If your work uniform is made of delicate fabric, but still suitable for the washing machine, cold water is also recommended. If you’re wanting to ensure any germs are killed while washing in warm or cold water, you may want to use a suitable disinfectant when washing too.

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