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What is the Best Way to Iron a Shirt?

Shirts are a popular clothing item worn for multiple purposes including formal and informal events, workwear, sporting uniforms, hobby or interest groups attire or a school uniform. While washing your shirts may seem a straight forward task, the next step of ironing them to be crease free and fabulous can be a task that leaves some of us frustrated and wondering there must be an easier way?

While there are many tricks, tips and traditional ways to iron a shirt, read on to learn a few tips that may help including:

  • Good quality iron and ironing board
  • Collar and Cuffs
  • Sleeves
  • Back
  • Front

Good quality iron and ironing board

Think of your iron and ironing board as your tools of the trade. A good quality iron and ironing board can make the task easier. Ensure your iron is clean and is on the correct setting for the material your shirt is made of.

Collar and Cuffs

Begin ironing a shirt by ironing the collar and cuffs. When ironing the collar, work from the outside in and ensure the collar is flat against your ironing boards surface. Undo the buttons on the cuffs and iron the inside of the cuffs followed by the outside of the cuffs being sure to work around the buttons.


Iron each sleeve of your shirt next. Ensure the sleeves are flat and smooth on your ironing board and work from the cuffs back to the shoulder seam of the shirt. Do the front first and then turn your shirt over and do the back.


When ironing the back of your shirt, use the seams as a guide. Lay a portion of your shirt on the ironing board and iron until all creases are removed then keep re-positioning the shirt until the whole back is ironed. Don’t forget to iron the shoulders too. Do this by placing the shirt so that the narrow end of the ironing board is inside the sleeve.


The front of a shirt is the area where any creases will be visible. Finish ironing a shirt by ironing the front. Work in the same way you did when ironing the back. Be sure to move your iron gently around the buttons and don’t forget to iron any pockets and the front of the collar too

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