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Tips and Tricks to Fold a Fitted Sheet

A common laundry conundrum is how to fold a fitted sheet. As most fitted sheets have elasticised edges, trying to fold and store a fitted sheet neatly can pose a challenge. You may have mastered folding a single bed fitted sheet but a queen or king size fitted sheet still needs practice.

While there are many traditional ways and hacks when it comes to folding a fitted sheet, read on to learn 3 tips and tricks that may make the task easier including:

  • Turn the sheet inside out and hold length ways
  • Make a rectangular shape
  • Finish folding on a flat surface

Turn The Sheet Onside out and Hold Length Ways

Before starting to fold a fitted sheet turn it inside out. You will know the sheet is inside out as you will be able to see the seams and any tags. Hold the sheet length ways, which means along the longest edge. Put one of the long edges of the sheet in one hand on the corresponding long edge in the other hand.

Make a Rectangular Shape

Make the corners of the fitted sheet meet by folding the corner of your sheet that is in your left hand over the corner that is in your right hand. The two wrong sides will be touching. Repeat the same process with the other two corners as per the instructions above. Your sheet should now be in a rectangular shape.

Finish Folding on a Flat Surface

To finish folding the fitted sheet, lay it on a clean and flat surface. A bed or table is ideal. Spread out the rectangular shape as flat as possible, you may need to jiggle the sheet a little. Fold the sheet in half or thirds, depending on the size of the sheet and keep folding until the sheet is the size you want to store in your linen cupboard. Be sure to keep the sheet as flat as possible while folding.

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