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How Do I Clean Curtains?

When it comes to your household’s laundry needs, we often assume only clothes and linen need to be regularly washed. However, window coverings should also be cleaned to remove dirt and dust. The task of washing curtains may not be as straight forward as your regular washing. After all, the sheer size and weight of curtains makes washing them a challenge in themselves.

Looking for the best ways to clean your curtains? Read below to learn more including:

  • Washing curtains by hand
  • Washing curtains in a washing machine
  • Dry cleaning curtains

Washing Curtains by Hand

Just as clothes do, curtains will have a care label with instructions and recommendations on the best way for them to be cleaned. If your curtains should be washed by hand, this can be done the same way you would hand wash delicate clothing items. You may find washing them in a bath tub gives you more room. Use an appropriate laundry detergent for the type of fabric and be aware of any metal hooks or rubber backing as these may discolour or even be damaged through the washing process.

Washing Curtains in a Washing Machine

If there aren’t any instructions on the curtains regarding machine washing, treat them as a delicate item. Use cold water and a gentle laundry detergent. Curtains made from delicate fabrics, such as lace, should be washed in a mesh bag for added protection. Depending on the length and thickness of your curtains you may only be able to fit in one curtain or one panel of curtain at a time. Whether washing by hand or in a washing machine, hand curtains to dry on the line outside and you may need to iron them before re-hanging.

Dry Cleaning Curtains

Many curtains care labels will recommend the only way to clean curtains is by dry cleaning. While it may be tempting to do it yourself the risk of damaging your curtains is high. Although some curtains care labels may say hand or machine washing is possible, homeowners still opt to have the dry cleaned by a professional. This saves you time, labour and reduces the risk of damage through the cleaning process. Professionals have extensive experience and the correct equipment and machinery to wash your curtains.

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