Washing Well

Where Can I Wash and Dry Clothes in Bunbury?

Whether having to do your own laundry, your household’s laundry or a business or sporting team’s laundry, it seems to be one task we can’t escape. From sorting to washing to drying to folding to putting away, the laundry cycle can feel never ending.

While most homes have a washing machine, clothesline or clothes dryer, there may be a way to make the chore of doing your laundry easier. Laundry Services Bunbury has been operating its 2 laundromats in Bunbury for many years and prides themselves on offering the best possible laundry services to the Bunbury community. Our laundrettes are clean, fully featured, and provide you with access to laundry facilities whenever you need them.

Read below to learn how Laundry Services Bunbury can help you wash and dry clothes including:

  • Commercial Quality Washing Machines
  • Oversized Dryers
  • Eco-friendly

Commercial Quality Washing Machines

Laundry Services Bunbury commercial washing machines are immaculately maintained. The option of different washing cycles means whether you’re washing linen, heavy duty work clothing or delicate items there is a washing cycle to guarantee a perfect clean. The coin operated washing machines can handle everything from small loads to oversized items such as blankets and doonas.

Oversized Dryers

When the winter weather arrives and you can no longer dry your clothes on the line, Laundry Services Bunbury oversized dryers can take your stress out of drying your clothes. The user-friendly oversized dryers have drums large enough to fit more than an average load of laundry plus strong drying performance to efficiently dry large laundry loads in a short time.


Laundry Services Bunbury operate an environmentally conscious laundry service. The up-to-date systems reduce water usage and ensure responsible disposal of all waste. Bio-friendly detergents are available and steps are taken to limit the impact the washing machines have on the environment.

If you’re wanting to wash or dry clothing, Laundry Services Bunbury can help.

Laundry Services Bunbury can assist with washing your clothing – no matter the type or amount!

Washing Well Laundrette is located at Unit 3/1 Ommanney Street, Bunbury and Plaza Laundrette is located at 94 Spencer Street, Bunbury.  

For all your laundry needs, call our team at Laundry Services Bunbury today on 0427 506 508.