Washed Uniforms at Laundry Services Bunbury

The Benefits of Washing, Drying and Ironing Your Employees Uniforms

If you were to suggest to a business owner they should launder their employees uniforms, it’s likely their first thought would be to disagree. However, if you were to consider the short term and long-term benefits of having employees uniforms laundered you may reconsider.

Uniforms represent you and your businesses brand and often contribute to a customer’s first impression. For this reason, ensuring they are on hand, cleaned and presented to the best standard can improve your businesses image.

Read on to learn benefits of washing, drying and ironing your employees uniforms including:

  • Portray your business in a positive and professional way
  • Correct care and washing instructions are followed
  • Less inventory turnover of work uniforms

Portray your business in a positive and professional way

As an employee’s uniform represents you and your businesses brand, having them professionally laundered gives businessowners peace of mind their business will always be portrayed in a positive and professional way. A professional laundry service will not only wash and dry uniforms, but iron items that need creases removed. Taking care of the laundering of your businesses uniforms also ensures they are ready and on hand. This eliminates employees arriving to work not in uniform or only partially in uniform.

Correct care and washing instructions are followed

All items of clothing have a care label with recommended washing instructions. While employees may be encouraged to follow washing instructions, the reality is most won’t. When having your uniforms professionally laundered, correct care will be taken to ensure fabrics are washed in the right cycle and in the recommended temperature plus any ironing or dry-cleaning directions followed. A professional laundry service has the expertise and experience in removing stains from all types of fabrics.

Less inventory turnover of work uniforms

When uniforms are professionally laundered, the quality will be maintained for longer, meaning they will need to be replaced less often, saving a business cost. Many businesses may have a limited supply of uniforms that once an employee has worn, they are expected to wash and return ready for the next use. The delay in this occurring and the follow-up can be a waste of precious time. When employees cease their employment, many will not return their uniforms. This will also be eliminated when the uniforms are kept at the workplace and not taken home by employees.

Have your businesses linen and uniforms laundered with Laundry Services Bunbury

Laundry Services Bunbury has been providing business laundry services at Washing Well Laundrette and Plaza Laundrette for many years and pride themselves on offering the best possible laundry services to the Bunbury community.

Our commercial washing machines are immaculately maintained, with optional cycles to wash delicate items.

Our professional laundry service can even pick up dirty uniforms and return them to your business washed and ironed, giving you more time to concentrate on other tasks at hand.

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