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How Can I Dry My Clothes During Winter in Bunbury?

No matter the season, a households laundry needs remain. In fact, many homes find during winter their laundry increases. Extra layers of clothing, beanies and scarfs plus an extra blanket or two on our beds means the washing pile seems to be higher. 

When the rain is falling outside, you may be looking for alternate ways to get your clothes dry. Whether clothing or linen, getting freshly washed items dry is simply a matter of drying out the water in them. In winter, the lack of sunshine and the fact the air is damper makes this harder.

Looking for ways to dry your clothes during winter in Bunbury? Read below to learn more including:

  • Use a clothes dryer
  • Hang your clothes in an undercover area outside
  • Place a clothes rack inside near an open window or door

Use a clothes dryer

Before using a dryer to dry clothes or linen, be sure to follow the care instructions as per the items label. Some materials and fabrics are not suitable for a clothes dryer or may require a low setting. Be sure to use a dryer in well ventilated area and clean the lint filters regularly.

Speed up the process of using a clothes dryer by visiting one of Laundry Services laundrettes in Bunbury, Washing Well Laundrette or Plaza Laundrette. Large 15kg dryers are available to the public and can be set on hot, medium and low. You can dry multiple loads at once, saving you time and is a cost-effective solution that saves spiking your households electricity bill by having a clothes dryer continually running.

Hang your clothes in an undercover area outside

An undercover patio, garage, verandah or carport can all make an ideal place to dry clothes during winter. Install a temporary line or use a clothes horse to hang clothes and place undercover outside. The breeze will help to dry them out and if the sun does appear, its heat will help to dry clothes. It may take longer than a day to get the clothes completely dry therefore consider using this method to help dry the clothes then finish them off in the clothes dryer.

Place a clothes rack inside near an open window or door

If you don’t have the right enclosed space outdoors then set up a space inside to air dry washing. A large window that can be opened or an opened door is ideal as the air flowing through will help to dry the laundry. Use a clothes rack or improvise and use a spare chair or two to hang clothes over.

Take care of your laundry needs at one of Laundry Services laundrettes in Bunbury

Laundry Services Bunbury has been providing business laundry services at Washing Well Laundrette and Plaza Laundrette for many years and pride themselves on offering the best possible laundry services to the Bunbury community.

The public can use the laundromats from doors open to doors close and Laundry Services regularly update its washing machines and dryers to ensure you get the best laundry service possible. We maintain our equipment often and undertake periodic testing to be sure they’re in the best possible working order.

Washing Well Laundrette is located at Unit 3/1 Ommanney Street in Bunbury and Plaza Laundrette at 94 Spencer Street in South Bunbury. Call the team today to discuss your businesses laundry needs on 0427 506 508.