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Should I Wash My Clothes in Hot, Cold or Warm Water?

When doing your laundry, all washing machines have different settings to choose from. From water level to cycle to water temperature, many people have their own preferences on how to wash clothes to get the perfect clean. One setting to choose is the water temperature with most machines giving you the option of hot, cold or warm water.

Before washing clothes, it is important to read a clothing items care label carefully. This may suggest the best water temperature to wash that item in to ensure it keeps its colour, shape and quality. Read below to learn more about washing clothes in different water temperatures including:

  • Washing clothes with hot water
  • Washing clothes with cold water
  • Washing clothes with warm water

Washing clothes with hot water

It’s a common assumption that washing clothes in hot water is best as it kills any germs. While this may be true, it still does not mean it’s the best option for all items of clothing. Many fabrics will shrink if washed in hot water. Imagine your new linen shirt or wool jumper being half their size after a hot water wash, not ideal! While items such as towels and linen are often suitable to be washed in hot water, some clothing items are not, for this reason always read the care label.

Washing clothes with cold water

A cold-water washing cycle is usually recommended for bright, colourful clothes. Washing bright, colourful clothes in cold water will help retain the colour of the clothing, keeping it looking like new for longer. Clothing made from delicate fabrics such as silk, wool, linen, chiffon, lace, and other fabrics with embroidery or embellishments are often also washed in cold water. Cold water is also great to use to soak stained clothes in before washing.

Washing clothes with warm water

Not too hot and not too cold, warm water is a popular choice for many people to wash their clothes. Washing clothes in warm water can allow bacteria to be removed while still being gentle enough to keep the colour and shape of clothing. Most washing machine have a warm water setting or temperature setting that would allow you to select the temperature in a mid-range. While warm water may be your washing temperature preference, once again always check each item of clothing’s care label before washing.

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