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3 Tips to Ensure Your Clothes are Washed Properly

It feels great to put on clothes that are clean and fresh. Not only do clean clothes look professional and tidy, but they smell fresh and pleasant too.

Most clothes are washed in a washing machine while some items are hand washed. No matter the way you wash your clothes, you want to ensure they are washed properly and are as clean as possible, while still maintaining their colour, quality and shape.

Wanting to ensure your clothes are washed properly? Read below to learn 3 tips including:

  • Wash clothing with similar colours and fabrics
  • Use the correct water temperature
  • Don’t overload your washing machine

Wash clothing with similar colours and fabrics

Before doing your laundry, sort clothes to ensure they are washed with similar items. Lights should be washed together, darks washed together, delicate fabrics washed together and heavy fabrics washed together. Washing clothing with similar colours and fabrics will ensure you can use the correct washing setting for the load for the cleanest possible result.

Use the correct water temperature

Many of us have preferences of what water temperature to wash clothes in. Many people use cold water, no matter what they are washing while others opt for a warm water wash. Many delicate items and fabrics are best washed in cold water while clothes that are heavily soiled or stained many need to be washed in hot water to clean them properly.

Don’t overload your washing machine

Your washing machine may be sized to wash large loads however this is not always a good idea. The more easily clothing is distributed and can move and spin around the washing machine drum, the better washing detergents can evenly distribute through the clothing too.

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