wine stain on a white shirt

5 Tips for Removing Stains on Your Laundry

Nice clothes, fresh linen, a family couch… one wrong move and you have a stain that you can’t get rid of and that looks unsightly as well. Sometimes it’s not even an accident that causes your stain – build-ups in an old washing machine can cause marks to appear on your freshly-laundered clothes. If this happens you should look at utilising a local laundromat service while working on cleaning out your own machine.

There are plenty of great techniques to get rid of stains in your laundry, and Laundry Services Bunbury has compiled 5 of our favourite stain-removing tips for you.

  • Attend to Stains While Fresh
  • Remove Excess
  • Blot Your Stains
  • Handle Stains Gently
  • Avoid Heat

Attend to Stains While Fresh

When it comes to removing stains the quicker you attend to them, the better. If you leave a stain for too long, the staining is more likely become permanent as it soaks in or dries to the fabric. Letting it sit can only make your stain worse. Procrastination can ruin your laundry, in this case, so it’s best to get on top of it right away.

Remove Excess

If you have a wet stain, scraping off the excess mess can help to get the worst of the spillage off. Gently scrape off any extra with a dull knife or a scraper without spreading it across the stained fabric and you will have less mess to deal with when attempting to remove the stain. If the stain is dried or less wet, you can try to brush off the excess with a toothbrush to reduce any damage to the fabric itself.

Remember to still be gentle with your fabric or you can risk making the stain worse.

Blot Your Stains

This is a common technique that many people like to use.

Blotting at the offending stain with a clean cloth can help remove excess as well as help to remove the stain itself. With this technique, you have to be careful not to spread the stain further with your blotting cloth, but it can help a lot with removing the mess for you.

Handle Stains Gently

Being too rough with your stained fabric is a bad idea. If you rub at the stain too hard while trying to get rid of it, you risk forcing it further into the stained laundry and could accidentally make it more permanent. If it gets pushed into the fibres of the cloth it can spread the stain as well. Another reason you want to handle your stains gently is because you can damage the fabric. It’s no good having a clean shirt if you’ve accidentally torn or stretched it while removing that stain!

Avoid Heat

Depending on what has stained your laundry, using hot water could be a risk. Heat can set some stains and even ‘cook’ them into the fabric so they are harder to remove. Cold water is your best choice for washing stains out, as it is less likely to cause irreparable damage to your laundry.

Need Help Getting Rid of Stains and Having Clean Laundry? Call Laundry Services Bunbury.

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