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When Should I Do My Laundry in Bunbury and the South West?

A lot of factors can be considered when picking the best time for your laundry loads.

There are the obvious factors – like not washing your work clothes a few minutes before you go to work, leaving your garments still wet, or at three in the morning when you’re exhausted and can’t manage the loads properly – and there are a few less obvious tips that the Laundry Services Bunbury team would like to share with you.

  • Should I have a specific ‘laundry day’?
  • Can I wash linen and clothes together?
  • Do laundromats save time?

Should I have a specific ‘laundry day’?

Depending on the amount of laundry your household has, you may choose to do all your laundry on one day or have specific days for washing certain items. Remember that what is washed will also need to be dried, folded, ironed and put away. This may be too time consuming to manage all these tasks in a single day. Many people like to do their laundry on weekdays so their weekends are free for relaxation.

Can I wash linen and clothes together?

The best way to do your laundry is to wash similar items together. As tempting as it is to load everything into one load, it can overload your machine, damage items and even cause colours to run or lint to form. Save your towels, tea towels and linen and wash these items together and then wash clothing with similar texture and colours together.

Do laundromats save time?

With a laundromat you can have more than one machine running at the same time. This is productive and an efficient way to save time when doing laundry. If you have a large family, you may have more laundry than you can deal with, and a laundromat service will help you with that.

Utilising a laundromat also stops you from procrastinating in the home. Once you are at the laundromat, you cannot put off doing your laundry loads.  You may also consider using a done-for-you laundry service, to save time.

Take care of your laundry with Laundry Services Bunbury’s Washing Well Laundrette or Plaza Laundrette.

Washing and drying clothes and linen at one of Laundry Services Bunbury laundrettes can help you take care of your household’s laundry needs. Open 7 days a week, Washing Well Laundrette is located at Unit 3/1 Ommanney Street, Bunbury and Plaza Laundrette is located at 94 Spencer Street, South Bunbury.

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