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How to Make Your Laundry Look Refreshed in Bunbury & the South West

We all have those older fabrics that we still love – whether they be clothes, sheets, blankets, tablecloths or a vintage collection that doesn’t look as good as it did brand-new. There are a few ways to make sure your aging laundry still looks in top condition, and they’re not as hard as you might think.

  • Preventing Fading on Dark Clothes
  • Brightening Your Light-Coloured Clothes
  • Removing Sweat Stains From Garments

Preventing Fading on Dark Clothes

Dark garments – a nice black dress, a classy wine-red doona, or a favourite pair of navy socks – will all eventually begin to fade. Residue from your detergent can overtime cause fading, but you can reduce this issue by adding a cup of white vinegar (distilled) to your rinse cycle. Always check the garments care label first to see if this method is right for the fabric. Removing all the lint is also a great way to make sure dark fabrics remain looking good.

Brightening Your Light-Coloured Clothes

Over time, your white laundry can begin to look dull. Paler colours like white or yellow are more vulnerable to being stained from darker garments. If you want to prevent this from happening in the first place, you should look at laundering white and light coloured clothing together and washing them in cold water if possible.

Removing Sweat Stains From Garments

Sweat stains can leave an unsightly yellow smear on your nice laundry. These are most caused by your sweat reacting with a deodorant that you are wearing, rather than just sweat on its own. If you want to avoid stains in your laundry, consider switching to an aluminium-free deodorant. O can help remove the stains more easily. Soaking stained clothing before washing can help to remove stains from garments.

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