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Where Can I Dry My Laundry in Bunbury?

Now we’re getting closer to the winter months, it’s getting wetter outside and colder inside. People who relied on pegging their clothes on a washing line outside may be struggling with damp, unpleasant laundry that isn’t dry when needed. If you don’t have the space or desire to own a dryer of your own, now is a good time to look at places outside of your home that offer professional drying services.

If using a professional laundromat is in the best interests to complete your laundry, Laundry Services Bunbury is here to help.

  • 2 Convenient Locations in Bunbury
  • Oversized Clothes Dryers Available
  • Open 7 Days a Week for You to Wash and Dry Your Laundry

2 Convenient Locations in Bunbury

Laundry Services Bunbury has two convenient locations in the Bunbury area to satisfy your laundry needs; Washing Well Laundrette is located at Unit 3/1 Ommanney Street, Bunbury and Plaza Laundrette is located at 94 Spencer Street, Bunbury. Both locations have easily accessible storefronts. Plaza Laundrette offers free parking at the back of the laundrette to help you get your laundry and drying done with ease.

Oversized Clothes Dryers Available

Oversized dryers are an excellent choice if you have a particularly large load of laundry that needs drying, or if you want to handle bedding like doonas and blankets. With drums large enough to fit more than average load of laundry and strong drying performance, you can dry your laundry load more efficiently in a brief time. If the weather is affecting your ability to keep your laundry dried efficiently, using a standard or oversized dryer is a smart choice.

Open 7 Days a Week for You to Wash and Dry Your Laundry

Weekends are often spent catching up on your household’s weekly laundry. If the weather is unpleasant on the weekend, it can leave you with piles of unwashed clothes for the week ahead. This can be inconvenient especially if needing clean work uniforms and school uniforms. Laundry Services Bunbury Washing Well Laundrette and Plaza Laundrette are conveniently open 7 days a week, giving you the convenience of washing and drying your laundry whenever needed.

Need Your Laundry Taken Care of? Laundry Services Bunbury is Here to Help with Your Laundry Needs.

Whether you are looking to do your own laundry or want it done for you, Laundry Services can help.

Washing Well Laundrette is conveniently located at Unit 3, 1 Ommanney St, Bunbury and Plaza Laundrette is located at 94 Spencer Street, South Bunbury.

Drop into either location and speak to our team, or you can call and discuss your laundry or dry-cleaning needs today on 0427 506 508.