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What Items Are Not Suitable for a Clothes Dryer?

There are a surprising number of items of clothing that are not suitable for your clothes dryer. This means that if you do put them in, they can damage your laundry and your dryer too. Remember to always check the care labels on your laundry to make sure that they are suitable to be put in a dryer.

If you aren’t sure about a certain piece, you can always call your local laundry expert to advise you on the best way to treat your laundry.

  • Delicate Clothing Items
  • Costumes
  • Linen

Delicate Clothing Items

Laundry that consists of delicate fabrics like silks, lace and net should never be put in a dryer. This can include lingerie and delicate shirts. The reason these should be separated from your everyday laundry before the dryer is that the heat can cause wrinkles, shrinking, fading and especially for delicates like bras, the dryer can cause them to lose their shape.


Costume pieces that include glued-on elements can be melted and lost in the dryer, and if your costumes are made of something that requires elasticity such as spandex, it can loosen. No one wants a saggy superhero suit for a party! Costumes with sequins and glitter will also cause issues, as the sequins can become loose, and you will end up with an entire load of glittery laundry instead of one item.


Woollen doonas and certain kinds of bedding are also not suited for dryers. The best thing you can do in this scenario is to check the labels for any advice that the manufacturer has given you – and if the tags are lost, your next step is to consult an expert who can give you a better idea of how to care for your linen, whether it belongs in the dryer or not.

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