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3 Tips for Doing Laundry at a Laundrette in the Winter Months

Winter can be an unfortunate time to try and do laundry. While it is wet, cold and miserable, it is often hard to get everything you need done, and things like drying your clothes on an airer or washing line outside no longer works. Solutions to your winter woes can be easily found – there are plenty of helpful tips out there to make sure it does not become a big problem for you.

  • Sort Laundry at Home
  • Save on Power Bills
  • Use a Laundry Timer

Sort Laundry at Home

If you sort your laundry efficiently before you head into the launderette, it can be a great time saver but it can also minimize how much space you take up within the laundrette. When it is cold and wet, there is nothing better than being able to get in and out of the laundrette to get home again. You can also sort your laundry into waterproof laundry bags to make sure they survive the ride home without being caught by the rain.

Save on Power Bills

Having a dryer at home can be expensive when you have an abundance of washing to get dry. Another bonus of using the dryer at a laundrette – you are less likely to use more loads than you need to because of the trip, so you will use less power in the end as well as not have to pay the overall power bill.

Use a Laundry Timer

There are many apps for mobile nowadays that can assist you with your laundry needs. A great option for improving productivity and saving time is to employ an app that will time your laundry for you, giving you the perfect timing to balance your other chores while your laundry is washed and dried at the laundrette. While not an official winter solution, this tip can be helpful year-round.

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