Washing Well Laundrette

Conveniently located at Unit 3,1 Ommanney St, Bunbury, Washing Well Laundrette is the perfect option for taking care of your laundry.

The public can use the laundromat from doors open to doors closed. Washing Well Laundrette has a laundry powder vending machine and a coin vending machine, or we can change money for you during service hours if you prefer.

Washing Well Laundrette is regularly updating its washing machines and dryers to ensure you get the best laundry service possible. We maintain our equipment often and undertake periodic testing to be sure they’re in the best possible working order.

Opening Hours

Laundromat doors open – 7am
Laundromat doors close – 9.00pm

Service is available 7.30am to 5.30pm weekdays
(Service is not available on public holidays)


Our well-maintained selection of quality washing machines and dryers come in a range of sizes, allowing you the ease of completing even large loads of laundry in one cycle.

Why choose Washing Well Laundrette? Our self-serve laundrette features

  • Facilities to wash, dry and fold
  • Commercial-quality washing machines
  • Oversized dryers for quick results
  • EFTPOS (during business hours) and change machine (during all opening hours)
  • Bio-friendly, quality laundry detergents available to purchase

Small machines (6.5kg) for shirts, pants, socks and underwear, all personal clothing as well as tea towels, towels, napkins and toys, are $5 per load.

Industrial machines (14kg) for personal clothing but also large enough for overalls and uniforms, doonas, underlays, sleeping bags, blankets, curtains, and towels, aprons and tea towels.
These machines are $10.

We have a super large industrial machine (22kg) which washes towels and tea towels from surrounding businesses and the bigger items like king size doonas and curtains.
$14 a load (plus the cost of detergents).


Large 15kg dryers available to the public and they cater for all linens and can be set on hot, medium and low. A few items aren’t dryer friendly for example, some woollen doonas and plastic back curtains please ask our staff who can advise on such matters.

$5 will buy you half an hour drying time which what most loads will need.

Washing Well Laundrette Bunbury
Washing Well Laundrette Bunbury Washing Machines


Laundry Services Bunbury use the latest environment friendly detergents and take great care in removing stains like blood, biro, grass stains, food and drink.

Done for You Laundry Service

Laundry Services Bunbury offers an ironing service which includes uniforms, everyday clothing items, cloths, sheets and pillowcases.

At Washing Well Laundrette, our Marlston Hill shop we de-stain, wash, dry and iron large tablecloths.

Washing Well Laundrette is an agent for a dry cleaner, with dry cleaning services available. Conditions apply.


Call Washing Well Laundrette today on 08 9721 7266 or
come into the laundromat at Unit 3,1 Ommanney St, Bunbury.

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Washing Detergent Vending Machine at Laundry Services